Going back in Time-A land without internet

I recently got back from a trip to Myanmar (Burma) and it really was going back 30-40 years in history. It really is a spectacular country to visit and highly recommend it. However, the country has basically been isolated from western influence due to sanctions imposed by many countries for human rights violations. Meanwhile, the military government controls everything and tries to prevent its citizens from using telecommunications. No cell phones, very spotty internet (if any), no western food chains or stores, and archaic transportation systems. There aren’t too many places in the world that are like this.

For a week, I couldn’t use my cell phone, ipad, check facebook or email and it was actually really nice. We were visiting friends who live there and this is how they live. When plans were made, you were expected to be there at the predetermined meeting place. No texting to say you were late, no calling to double check and no other distractions. Surprisingly, it works! It took very little time to slip into that mindset and let go of all the gadgets we think controls our lives. It’s how a lot of us grew up pre-90s. I’m a technology junkie and I even appreciated this. So perhaps it is good every once in awhile to let go of technology and enjoy the freedom it releases.


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