New Beginnings

Some of you may have known that I have moved schools this year and have just started my job as the Elementary School IT Coach at Sinarmas World Academy. It is located in West Jakarta, Indonesia. It is a relatively new school (4 years old) and an absolutely beautiful campus. There is lots going on technology-wise as we are a 1:1 school from Grades 4-12 and then shared laptops for Grades 1-3. We have over 70 ipads in addition to that. The school is warm, has a community feel and a strong vision. One of the things I enjoy about the school is the fact that there is a strong blogging culture and all students, teachers and administrators have blogs which creates a learning community.




3 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Hey Mark,

    I was hoping to meet you at the GAFE in Singapore last weekend, but we never crossed paths. I noticed you on Twitter, checked out your blog and slowly have put together that we know a lot of the same people. I’ve just realized tonight through a few FB pictures, that we actually even met last year at the HK 7s. I used to work at CDNIS in HK (taught Gr. 5 with Steve Brown) but have just moved to Singapore to join the UWCSEA East crew.

    I also noticed on your bio here that you used to work in Colombia, which is where I started my teaching career. Lots in common.

    I’m glad to hear that you’re liking Sinarmas. Can’t beat the tropics! It’s nice to read your enthusiasm about how the community seems on board in terms of educational blogging. That’s a nice aspect of the learning program and I’ve recently realized how rare that is.

    Take care. Hope to meet you someday!


    1. Hey there,
      Sorry just saw your comment today. It’s def a small world out there in the international circles. Were you with Steve Brown at the 7s?

      Cool you worked in Colombia too. Whereabouts?

      Let’s keep in touch and hope to run into you soon,


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