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I am an international teacher and have been teaching overseas since 2001. I have taught in Colombia, China, Malaysia,  Indonesia and now…South Africa. I started out as an Elementary Homeroom teacher nearly taught every grade and have worked as a Technology Coach and Coordinator since 2009. Currently, I work at a fantastic school in South Africa called the American International School of Johannesburg. Never thought we’d ever teach in Africa but we are absolutely loving it so far! I am the Technology Integration Coach and Team Coordinator for the Elementary School and my primary role is to support all students and teachers with educational technology. I helped start a 1:1 program introducing iPads, Chromebooks and Macbooks into the ES and proud to have designed and developed a Makerspace which is on its 3rd revision now. I have also introduced and help coordiate Seesaw digital portfolios throughout the school. I have a passion for design-thinking, making/tinkering/innovating, LEGO robotics and microcomputers. I have a strong background in inquiry, project-based learning and experiential learning. I am an Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Educator and Seesaw Ambassador. I am happily married with 2 beautiful little girls.

I caught the travel bug early in life and haven’t looked back since. I’ve been to over 30 countries and always love an adventure. I play a range of sports from soccer, ice-hockey, basketball and golf. I have lots of other hobbies including photography, home-brewing, guitar and mountain biking.

Please note: The views expressed here are mine only and in no way represent the views of the employer.


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Mark,

    I discovered your blog through PYP Threads. I found it quite informative and through PYP Threads and have to say it is one of the more thought-provoking and informative blogs I have come across. I have added it to my Google Reader feeds. I would love to see you chime in with your thoughts in the PYP ICT forums on the OCC (I am on of the forum moderators) as I think you would have a lot to add to our discussions.

    I am currently working on a proposal for a Level 3 ICT in the PYP workshop (it’s about time for that don’t you think) for IBA. Would you have time to look over the draft before we submit it to share your thoughts?

    Best Wishes,

    Paul Schkade
    PYP Coordinator and Tech Integration Specialist
    McGraw IB World School
    Fort Collins, Colorado, USA


  2. Hey I was wondering I am currently writing a research paper on the effects of minecraft on the human brain I would be overjoyed to use your article as well as a interview (all online Of course) I Would love to add your unique prospective to my paper happy Trails


  3. Hi Mark,

    We have chosen to highlight your blog on our website –

    Thanks for sharing about your life living abroad and working at international schools!

    We were also wondering if you would be interested in being a guest author on our blog. We think that maybe you could share some of your insight on our “New teacher orientation must-haves” series. (

    IS Community Admin


  4. Hey Mark! I am currently formulating a research paper about how Minecraft can benefit students, can I use your article to justify my claims?



  5. Hi Mike,

    I am with Taylor’s University Malaysia and I am doing research on iBook Creation, I came across your writing “Write Now: A School-wide ebook Publishing Project” and I’d like to thank you for sharing your journey and insight on your institution’s iBook Creation project. Just a quick question, does your school have a department to oversea any elearning or ibook projects or is it handled by an ad-hoc committee? I’ve read your paper and you used “we” a lot and I was wondering “we” is referred to who in your scenario.



    1. Thanks for the kind words. The school I used to work for (I’ve moved on to a new one) used an ad-hoc committee of teachers and admin members to oversea the project (head of school, librarian, tech director and a few teachers). Hope that helps. Let me know if you need any further information. Since then, we have moved the project internationally and have over a dozen international schools who have joined in on the project.


      1. Dear Mike,

        Thanks for your quick reply. Old school meaning Sinarmas World Academy? Just want to be sure the setting of the school where you started this project is correct, as I would like to document the location on the paper I am writing.

        Our University would like to embark on producing eBooks on a large scale as well, although some of the school (e.g. school of Engineering) have started off with their eBook project, the other schools are not as advanced and generally most schools are not Apple users, so there is a concern there and we are researching other success stories of schools who have implemented iTuneU.

        If the project has been moved internationally, hope you may share any experience you may have particularly the usage of iTune U outside of America.



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