I have been involved in a number of IT projects and initiatives over the years at schools ranging from digital portfolios all the way up to game-based learning in classrooms. Technology is constantly evolving and changing which makes my job always so exciting. Here are a list of some of the projects I have been involved in with some resources to match them.

Maker Program

One of the newest initiatives I have been working on is developing a Maker program at our school. The whole concept of Making is definitely an emerging trend in education and is making it’s way in schools and well documented here and here and the NMC Horizon report. Although the concept of Making isn’t new, the tools are. Think about it, we’ve always had subjects in school such as Home Ec, Woodworking, Shop, etc but until now, these subjects were looked at from a very distant and segregated part of the curriculum, something you did if you weren’t academic enough for the mainstream subjects. These were rarely integrated into the Maths and Sciences. It’s a shame really as there were years of missed learning and opportunities. Fortunately, things have changed! Technology has come along way and now allows for an easier way to bridge the gap between the physical world and the virtual world. For example, kids can now design their ideas in Minecraft and print their creations on a 3D printer. They can also use a Little Bits kit to program when their lights will turn on or off. The possibilities are endless!

Here’s where we are in our planning so far:

Maker Goals and Strategic Plan


eBook Publishing

Last year, our school launched a school-wide ebook publishing project called WriteNow 1000 with the goal of publishing 1000 ebooks from students and teachers. So far we have published over 550 in a variety of languages and from K-12. They can downloaded directly to your mobile device from our site.

I have been working on my own ebook for school IT leaders documenting the process as well as sharing some of the learning experiences of the project. It is here to be downloaded here:iBook Publishing Project


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