Making our own fun

I believe it’s time for a little mid-year reflection of life in Malaysia.

KL is a fun place to live in. Even more fun when you have the right people to spend it with. A friend said to me recently, “it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, it’s who you are with.” Though I’ve always believed this, for some reason, this really resonated with me. I’ve had just as much fun at the beach in Cherating (east coast of Malaysia) as I’ve had anywhere. When Malaysians look at me funny as if why would you ever want to go there?! Well, it is a beach but not a fancy resort, no kite surfing or fire shows. Each time I’ve gone, I’ve been fortunate to have the right group of friends around. Instead, we make our own fun.

Making our own fun. This brought back nostalgic memories of childhood, way before the internet, video games or even cable tv were invented where I would meet my friends on the corner of the block and we would jump on our BMX bikes through the foothills of the outskirts of surburbian Calgary looking for an adventure. We would go on quests to find tadpoles and gophers. We would play tag for hours on this little playground. No plans. No passive entertainment. During these times, we used our own creativity and spontaneity to laugh and enjoy the moment.

Perhaps this is such a rare commodity in today’s fast paced, techno-filled world where we expect that the world owes us entertainment at the snap of a finger. I see this in my students too. They crave those precious minutes during the day where I can let them simply be kids and create their own games and fun.

I saw two videos recently that really made me think about creativity, learning and being grateful in life. The first one I watched on TED talks (linked) on how schools are killing creativity. The other was just a funny one I saw on a friend’s facebook page from the Conan O’Brian show. Here’s the link The comedian had a good point though, we have come to raise the bar in what we expect in life. Even a simple thing as making a phone call, we take for granted. Just think of our students who have never known anything different.

For me, I guess I value creativity a little more and appreciate the moments I have along the way with the friends I have.