Technology tools-Process vs Product

With an increasing number of tools being developed for educators, the endless question seems to come down to process vs product argument.

Some ICT tools available are great for processing and synthesizing information for students. A tool such as Kidspiration or Inspiration help students to mind map concepts. For example, when we were doing a unit on Healthy Choices in Grade 2, students helped to categorize different types of foods according to which needs were met in a Food Pyramid. In this case, students are learning by categorizing information. This ICT tool helps students to learn concepts about nutrition.On the flip side, you could also use the same tool to present their knowledge and understanding about nutrition. This could be at the end of a unit where students could present their learning to a wider audience. Both are valuable assessments (formative vs summative) and both are equally valuable learning tools.

There are an enormous amount of digital tools that could be used for presenting information. Keynote from iLife 08 allows students to present their learning from a unit and share it with other students. iWeb is a fantastic tool that allows students the chance to create a digital portfolio. Students can then reflect on their learning through a unit and summarize it.

As an educator, one needs to carefully look at technology tools to ensure that there is a balance of integrating technology as a tool for process and products.