My iPod Touch Apps-

Here are my current iPod Touch Apps. Some of my favorites are:

Instapaper-Great little app that allows you to save web content to read offline. This is great for traveling at airports. You can view all content later while you are flying

Air Sharing-Great file management and for downloading and transfering files between computers. Allows you to add keynotes, ppt, word documents and view them on your iphone/ipod touch.

eReader-Love this one for traveling as well. Same as a Kindle in that you can download books and read them. Makes traveling all that much lighter!

Convertbot-Handy conversion tool for just about anything that you could possible think of including weight, length, volume, currency, speed. Love the interface too!

Drinks Free-This is great for parties and wondering which drinks you can make with which ingredients. You can put in what you have and it will tell you which cocktails you can make with it

iFitness-If you are into physical training, this app is amazing. If you are like me and forget what exercises you have done a few days ago and how much you lifted, this helps a lot. It allows you to view exercises for any specific muscle group, log reps and weights and even graphs performance overtime. Also, has nice photos and even videos.